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Published: 30th May 2008
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VB dot Net framework provides the best base ground for POS and Accounting software, because both systems need great support to access and process data frequently, and Visual Basic with .Net framework seems to work very well. Since VS2005, Rapid Application Development tools enable developer to create business software in the fastest time ever!

Only RAD development will guarantee the database related project to success in the shortest time and deliver the highest quality. VS2005 comes with SQL server 2005 express edition, which is free for desktop application and small business software. SQL Server 2005 plays an important row to ensure scalability of storage and software.

There are many source codes based POS and Accounting software, but only very few employed Rapid Application Development methodology and design, this brings lots of work for developer if the source code not already supporting RAD programming.

When choosing the suitable source code, one should consider to adapt to the latest tools and technology, legacy coding will only slow your overall development time! Why pay for legacy technology when you can enjoy the best out of the newest tools and coding! Cynics POS and Accounting is built on the pure dot net platform, SQL stored procedure and RAD tools such as visual inheritance and Dataset Designer.

Cynics POS even enjoy the offline benefit of dot net remoting! Your POS system will store all information locally and synchronize back to the server when connection are available. Up until now only very few software in the market can provide such a great feature, and this feature is expected to gain popularity by the introduction of Microsoft Sync Framework for ADO.Net.

Let's summarize some of the great features that a good source code based POS and Accounting system should have:

Feature #1 - Offline Capability.
Able to work offline and not dependent on network connection to store data.

Feature #2 - Stored Procedure Processing.
Using powerful database stored procedure to speed up the processing time.

Feature #3 - RAD Design and Coding.
Use the latest Design and Coding method, code the software using RAD tools and speed up the maintenance process!

These are the 3 most important features, beware to check for these criteria before proceed... Invest your money carefully.

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Find out more information about fully RAD coding and Offline Capable source code based Software: VB Net Framework POS Accounting System.

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